Gift Cards may be purchased, and redeemed, on the Web Store or at one of our Pop-Up Stores.
Purchase a Gift Card online here.

Gift Cards are sold in multiples of $50 value. On checkout, just change the “Quantity” for the dollar value of Gift Card you would like to purchase.
For example: Quantity 4 x $50 = $200 Gift Card Value.

If you’d like to know the remaining stored value of your Gift Card, send an email to that includes:

1)   The number on the back of the Gift Card.
2)   The name of the person who purchased the Gift Card.

Web Store purchases using Gift Cards are processed after you’ve completed the checkout. We will confirm the purchase and let you know what your remaining card value is. If you do not have enough stored value to complete the purchase, we will phone you for additional credit card information to make up the remaining balance.

Maggie Walt Gift Cards do not expire.