2016 Summer Pop-Up in Old Strathcona

Once again this summer we make our appearance Old Strathcona. 10358 Whyte Ave (2 doors East of Starbucks). Stop in, say hello and see what Maggie’s dreamed up for the season.


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A message from Maggie

Hello friends,

Rob and I are happy to be back in town and running our Strathcona Pop-Up until the end of June. I can’t believe May has come and gone already: only one month to go. We’ve rented a space on Whyte Ave (2 doors West of Chapters). Our last Pop-Up space, which we loved, has now been leased. In our scrambling for a space, we came across Rachel Notley’s campaign office. We were able to move in (to one half of the space) after her departure. We have kept the orange walls for good luck – tee hee.

If you drive by and are confused by the neon t-shirts and mannequins with nursing babies – don’t be. Our neighbours, the building owners, are clearing out former tenants stock as well as various odds-and-sods.

We returned from Asia in April. A week after our arrival, I awoke to news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. I immediately phoned my friend Tracy, who owns Integration Pilates Studio. “Tracy” I said, “Nepal has had an earthquake and we need to do a fundraiser – quick.” Of course being Tracy, she agreed and together she and our friend Shelley started rounding up friends, colleagues and silent auction items. We had a beautiful and heartfelt gathering. Thank you to those of you who came and donated items, money or time but especially your heart to help raise $10,000 which was donated to the Canadian Red Cross Nepal Region Relief Fund. At the Pop-Up, we continue to collect donations for the Canadian Red Cross and also a Kathmandu based charity called Just-One who we’ve supported for years. 20% of sales receipts of our Nepali Buffalo Leather Bags will go to relief and rebuilding efforts in Nepal.

Our latest collection is on the sales floor and continues to be uploaded to the webstore. Back by popular demand, is the Square Jumpsuit, which is flying out the door at great speed. Get in soon (or order on-line) if you want one.

The fit this summer is “loose”. Plenty of comfy tunics, kaftans and playful sun dresses.

If you have little ones in your life – check out our new Maggie’s Muffins Collection. Now at 30% Off regular price (use code MUFFIN30 in the webstore)

Have a great summer.

Hope to see you soon!

Maggie XOXOX



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Nepali Woven Cotton & Buffalo Leather Bags – The Process

Modern tanning, of mass produced leather, is widely known to be extremely damaging to the environment. Nepali Buffalo leather is different. Made by rural villagers in the Himalayan Mountains, traditional vegetable tanning methods are used – making these bags one of the most environmentally friendly leather products you can buy.

Villagers buy Buffalo skins from surrounding communities which helps to distribute much needed income.

Step1: The Buffalo skin is soaked in a small, lime water filled, pit for 22 days. The hide is then cleaned of any unwanted material.weavers-nepal-1

Step 2: Villagers collect a medical herb leaf called “Dhaeru” from local forests. Dhaeru repairs any cuts or wounds in the hide and also acts as the vegetable tannin that turns the hide into leather and provides a rich natural colour.weavers-nepal-2

Step3: After the cleaning process is finished, the hides are once again kept in a small pit with a mixture of Dhaeru and water for 7 days. The Dhaeru tanning process is repeated three times over 21 days using fresh Dhaeru for each batch.weavers-nepal-3

Step 4: After tanning the hides are sun dried then immersed in fresh water for a day. This softens the hide for slicing and cutting.weavers-nepal-4-2

Step 5: The softened leather is now ready to slice with a tool called a “Bagh”. The Bagh is used to slice off excess material to reduce thickness of the hide. Rough edges are also trimmed at this point. A skilled trimmer can finish 2 – 3 hides in a day.weavers-nepal-5 

Step 6: The hides are then pounded with stones to soften them. A vegetable mustard oil is applied and worked into the hide with foot manipulation. Once again, the hides are sun dried.weavers-nepal-6

Step 7: The leather is then shaped and polished with a soft clean cloth.weavers-nepal-7

Finally, after 45 days, we have Buffalo leather ready to make bags from.

Step 8: Cotton fibres are hand spun, and dyed, into the colourful yarns used to weave traditional motif textiles.weavers-nepal-8

Step 9: Hand weaving on a foot-powered loom.weavers-nepal-9

Step 10: Finally the textiles and leather are cut and sewn into the beautiful bags, wallets and packs you see.weavers-nepal-10

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Our home for the next 7 weeks


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We’re Pop-ping Up again in Old Strathcona for Xmas

We were lucky enough to get the same Pop-Up spot you found us in last May/June. See you soon… MaggieMaggie-Walt-OS-PU2014-2

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“just-one” adds a little bit of happiness to this world

“just-one” in Nepal, is one of the good causes you’ve supported by attending a Maggie Walt event. We implore you to watch a couple minutes of this video. It’ll bring a smile to your face – guaranteed!

To find out more about “just-one” click here.

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Victoria Chinatown Boutique for the season

While in Victoria last autumn, we met the owner of Dales Gallery in Victoria’s historic Chinatown. It turns out, she likes to take the summer off. And so with a little persuasion we convinced her to let us have the oozing-with-character space – and to take September off as well.

We’ll see you here at 537 Fisgard until the end of September.

Maggie-Walt-Dales-Gallery Maggie-Walt-Victoria-PopUp-Front

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To our lovely Edmonton customers… thank you.

Thank you Edmonton for making our Old Strathcona Pop-Up a great success. Now we’re off to a Victoria Pop-Up for the next few months.

We wish you a safe and happy Canada Day weekend!
See ya in the fall.

Maggie & Rob

Don’t forget… you can always shop the Webstore wherever we, or you, may be.


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Last weekend in Edmonton this summer

Hey Edmonton – this weekend is your last opportunity to touch, feel and shop the Maggie Walt Summer Collection in person.

We’re closing up the Old Strathcona Pop-Up Boutique and heading west for the rest of the season.

Don’t panic – we’re making time for you 
We’ll be open ‘til 8 pm on Thursday & Friday and until 6 pm Saturday & Sunday.

See you soon!


Strathcona Pop-Up Boutique
8105 – 104 Street (100 meters south of Whyte)
(780) 482-1238


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Now is the time to pop-in to Maggie’s Pop-Up

If you haven’t been into our (8105 – 104 Street) Pop-Up Boutique – now is a good time. We’ve got all the new arrivals out on the sale floor…

… but they won’t be here long. We’ll only be pop-ing up for another 19 days.

Want something cool and comfortable to lounge in or for a night out this summer?

Check out our Kaftans, Kimonos and Yukatas.

See you soon.

kaftan kimono2 kimono1

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