A visit to Ladli in Jaipur

Many of you, our friends and long time customers, have followed and asked about Ladli in India. While in Jaipur in November, we had a chance to visit them. We’ve got a few pics of the visit.

For those unfamiliar with Ladli – Ladli is an organization we have supported since 2005. If you’ve ever bought a ticket to a Maggie Walt Fashion Show or purchased jewelry from the Ladli case in our Jasper Ave boutique, then you’ve also supported Ladli. All proceeds from the former were donated to Ladli.

Ladli is a vocational training program that teaches street children how to make jewelry. An Irish jewelry designer friend of Maggie’s started the program. Ladli is one program within a much larger Non-Profit called I-India, started and run by Prabhakar and Abha Goswami, their son Charu, daughter-in-law Darshna and a small group of dedicated staff.